The Kantovan Rebellion

01 - New Orders
An unusual squad

After morning role call, General Kantovan promotes the Paladin, Mordik Stoneborn to the rank of Captain, and assigns 5 individuals to his command as a new squad; Second Lieutenant Rylan Cooper, Corporal Tyrannus Starhaven, Private Detryska, Private Borivis Goodbrother and Private Sven 'Mad-Eyes'.  However, Crp. Tyrannus and Pvt. Sven where not present. The Latter being in the Thornelock prison and the former being asleep and subsiquently being busted down to the rank of private. 

The squad ate breakfast and recieved orders to locate an Alliance outpost near the town of Woodlock which had been raiding supply lines, and destroy it, capturing any V.I.P's present. Upon obtaining a horse and carriage the party set off on their 2 day trip to Woodlock. 

On the journey the party encountered a pair of dead horses by the side of the road, upon further investigation Cpt. Borivic, 2lt. Rylan and Pvt. Tyrannus located and killed a wolf den, unfortunately the riders had already been killed. 

Arriving at the small town, Cpt. Borivic and 2lt. Rylan set off to Thornelock prison to free Pvt. Sven. While the rest of the party set off to find the location of the alliance stronghold. Pvt. Tyrannus has a sparring match against a huge guard simply known as Sergi, and Pvt. Borivic preaches outside a church and manages to convince a small dwarfen child named Gabon to bring his father, the local blacksmith Gary, to meet with him later in the towns tavern, the Milky Fox. 

The party meets at the milky fox, with the addition of Pvt. Sven 'Mad-Eyes' to discuss their plans when young Gabon and his father Gary arrive to discuss Gabon becoming Pvt. Borivic's apprentice cleric, Borivic and Cpt. Mordik decide to walk Gary and Gabon home, and Sven decides to stealthily set the house on fire, Gabon, Gary and Gary's wife inside. 

The party saves the Dwarvern family and Gabon recieves his fathers blessing to join the Kantovan army as Borivic's cleric apprentice. The party decide to rest up and consider there next move…

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