Borivic Goodbrother

Cleric of HELM, voted least liked Rebel three times in a row.


18 AC
20 Passive Perception
Speaks Common, Dwarvish, Elvish and Halfling.
Uses the Life domain of the Cleric class.
54 years old.


Borivik was sent off to a monastery of Helm at a very early age by his parents, merchants unable to provide for a third son in the face of economic difficulties.

He quickly embraced monastic life and became an eager participant in the Helmetite Reformation which was ignored by most more respected Clerics due to its tendencies to declare commonplace things sinful and demand everyone spend their lives in misery. When the Council came to power, he was initially pleased and even left the monastery to take up the role of vicar for a small village whose own vicar had been put down for preaching against the new rulers.

Then the Council allowed the reading of poetry on Sundays so Borivik started preaching about how they was anti-Helmic. This got him declared an outlaw and he ended up fighting alongside the rebellion in their struggle to rid the land of the Council. So far his efforts to change the stated aims of the rebellion to the establishment of a Helmetite theocracy have been ignored by his officers.

Ultimately Borivik takes up the philosophy that it is never too late (or too early) to convert and thus has decided that the shall use the miracles his god allows him to perform to keep the sinful and the reprobate (also known as nearly everyone else) alive for as long as possible so that they have the maximum chance to convert before meeting with eternal damnation. For some reason this attitude hasn’t won him many friends in the Rebellion with many soldiers who know him confessing that after a sermon, an eternity of fire seems like quite a relief.

Borivic Goodbrother

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