A half-orc bard looking for a purpose in life after losing her family


While initially raised as an outcast in the orc settlement she was abandoned in, Detryska was adopted by the clan’s lore-keepers and was trained to become one of them – passing down stories from one generation to another, intimidating enemies on the battlefield, and inspiring the warriors to keep fighting. She was eventually fully accepted by the clan as one of their own, and found a life-partner, bearing them a child.

During the uprising which saw Prince Aeraloth exiled, a nearby noble took advantage of the chaos to reignite long-standing tensions with Detryska’s clan – with ultimately tragic results. One night, mercenaries hired by the noble crept into the orc settlement and began mercilessly killing everyone inside. The clan was taken completely by surprised, with many being slaughtered in their sleep, and while Detryska fought as best she could, she could not save her child from being murdered before her own eyes. Managing to escape the burning settlements, she spent the following years as a sword-for-hire, drinking away her meagre pay in the hope that the images of that night would disappear from her mind. Eight months ago, the Kantovan Rebellion hired the merc band she was with for a job. Once it was complete, she signed on with Kantovan’s army, having found a cause to devote herself to and prove to herself that there was a reason she survived the massacre which took her family from her.

Her drum is her most treasured possession, as it acts as a reminder of both her clan and her child, who once carved the clan’s symbol onto the drum’s side as a surprise for her.


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